Protection at a snap

Affordable, easy to install and really fast, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is designed for smaller businesses with greater goals.

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Got a web browser and 15 minutes a week?
You’re all set

Get a free preview EDR functionality for 2021

We take small business security very seriously, so we’re bringing automated Extended Detection and Response functionality to your fingertips for 2021. You’ll get unbelievable visibility, with straightforward investigation and effortless response, to detect threats, reveal their full scope and origins and support timely mitigation. We haven’t seen any other vendors offering anything as advanced as this for growing businesses.

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Flexible and resilient

Across the world, growing businesses are revolutionizing their approach to cybersecurity; saving time, money, data, and stress by using Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

We’ve made it easy for you to solve the full range of IT security challenges, providing total resilience for remote working, hot-desking and whatever tomorrow brings. It’s flexible too, delivering optimal resource utilization for growing businesses.

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The power of an extra hour

By switching to Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud’s time-saving cybersecurity technology, you could experience the powerful potential of a 25-hour day. Imagine what you could do with that extra time – especially when you’ve also got the confidence that comes from knowing your business is protected against a full range of modern threats. We asked three innovative tech enterprises in three countries to test the 25-hour day theory. What’s the best way to use the extra time to build your business?

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What’s under the hood?


Protection anyone can manage

You won’t need an IT specialist – just a web browser and 15 minutes a week is all it takes to harness the power of our world-leading cloud-based cybersecurity


Complete range of security features

All you need to protect Windows desktops and file servers, Mac OS devices, iOS and Android mobiles and even Microsoft Office 365 from a full range of threats, ransomware and exploits.


Cloud Discovery and Blocking

Uncover and block risky unauthorized cloud service usage as well as time wasted on social networks and messengers.


Free EDR preview for 2021

Take the fast track to enhanced cybersecurity with free EDR functionality for 2021. It’s automated, easy to set up and operate.

Customer reviews

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Primary School Principal, Ecole Saint-Benoist de l’Europe

The option selected by Weodeo in terms of securing our IT infrastructure gives me peace of mind. The Kaspersky solution enables me to focus on my job because the solution is fluid, straightforward and remotely managed through the cloud

Marie-Anne Delbourg

Head of IT, AMISEP

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud offers the major advantage of not requiring additional hardware infrastructure to be installed, because everything is managed in the cloud.

Guillaume Gérard


With this in mind the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud solution fits the bill perfectly, both for my own business’s requirements and for our customers. It delivers the best of Kaspersky’s expertise and technology, without requiring the time and resources that smaller businesses just don’t have.

Martin Maleshyn